• Manager Accountability

    One of requirement to become a PAMM fund manager is that must have proven and complete trading record 1 year and above.

  • Account Transparency

    Investors can access real time reporting for open and closed trading position in client dashboard.

  • Protection with Contract

    Both investor and fund manager are protected by contract that can be customized according to both parties agreement.

PAMM, or the full name of the abbreviation is Percent Allocation Money Management is an investment platform designed for both fund managers and investors to work together. PAMM system allows fund managers to earn additional revenue for successful management of client funds, while investors have the opportunity and able to invest without having to trade the market themselves.

Apply for PAMM

Either you want to become as fund manager or investors, kindly contact us for more information via

For fund managers, Coincopytrade filter and choose each application of fund manager strictly, any trading record less than 1 year will not be considered and any excessive drawdown in performance will also resulted to rejection.

For investors, in order to invest fund in PAMM, the minimum is 1000 USD* (*1000 USD is per normal contract, amount for investment can be less or more depend on fund managers agreement with investors), and fund managers only considers investment based on recommendation by their business partner.

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How PAMM works?

How PAMM works?

If the manager makes profit, the amount of funds on the PAMM account increases and the profit is distributed among the manage and investors based on the size of their initial investment.

For example, the profit made after 1 month is 10%, 2,000 USD from the initial 20,000 USD. The balance of the PAMM has risen to 22,000 USD. This is before the profit sharing distribution to Fund Manager.

As per agreed between Fund Manager and Investors, there will be remuneration amount as specified in PAMM contract. So, the fund manager will get certain profit sharing from the Investors’ profit.

In this example the Fund Manager and Investors profit sharing agreement is 70:30, hence Fund Manager will get 30% from the Investors’ profit.

PAMM Partnership

PAMM manager can work on developing their PAMM account by bringing in a partner to help out.

A referral partner helps bring in new investors to the account.

They are given a percentage of the manager’s profit sharing for each client they refer.

The partner does not trade and plays no part in managing the PAMM account.

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Past returns on the PAMM account are not a guarantee of future profits.

Coincopytrade offers PAMM as a service and platform for fund managers and investors, but is in no way involved in the management of accounts.

Coincopytrade shall not be held responsible for any of the investment decisions made on PAMM accounts.